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Versus Socks

Versus Socks was founded in 2015 by Hanno Lategan and Jurgens Uys. Both enthusiastic entrepreneurs who have a great passion for sports. While both were still studying, and always on the lookout for exciting business opportunities, they were frustrated by the boring, limited and low quality socks that were available at the time. They realised there is a gap in the sports market for comfortable, durable and good looking socks and they jumped at the opportunity. From there they started drafting on their future plans. Designs were created, reliable local manufacturers were pinpointed and Versus Socks came to life.
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仁光堂 RenGuangDo

RenGuangDo was founded in Year 2000 by mother of two and dedicated wife, Ms. Teresa Tsang in Hong Kong. Curated upon the legendary pure camellia seed oil, and using it as foundation to a host of natural skincare products, the brand RenGuangDo was created out of a vision in sharing life’s most precious beauty secrets, by relentlessly improving product quality, while integrating the latest in technologies with the ancient wisdoms of beauty and wellness - these became the impetus for driving the brand forward, placing RenGuangDo among the premium league of beauty products and a brand that is the source for many who have a taste for the discerning. Teresa is inspirational to brand RenGuangDo.
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